Parking fees likely to jump


Town council will be asked to approve new rates for loading zones, private rental stalls, and the Portage Avenue parking lot at tonight’s regular meeting.
A report from the Planning and Development executive committee recommends that as of July 1, 2018, the annual fees for these each would be set at $540–a big jump from $376.25 in the 2017 user fee schedule.
Meanwhile, the daily fee to use to the Portage Avenue parking lot would increase from $2 to $4.
The annual fee for a church loading zone will remain at $70.75.
A second rate increase is recommended for next year, with the annual fees for loading zones, private parking stalls, and the Portage Avenue parking lot each slated to increase to $600 as of Jan. 1, 2019.
The annual fee for the church loading zone and the fee for daily parking at the Portage Avenue lot would remain the same ($70.75 and $4/day, respectively).
The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m., but will go in-camera for an indefinite length of time to discuss three items (a lawsuit update, an insurance matter, and an industrial park land sale).
The regular council meeting will follow the committee of the whole meeting.
Other business on tonight’s agenda includes:
•an application for tax adjustment re: 1012 Victoria Ave. N. (2017)
•a presentation by GIS expert Trish Law re: 2017 orthophoto imagery for the Town of Fort Frances;
•a letter from the Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club re: use of the marina for Tuesday evening paddles and other classes this summer, as well as for the seventh-annual dragon boat festival and international tug-of-war on June 30;
•a recommendation from the Planning and Development executive committee to receive the reports and deputation re: wood-burning smoke health hazards as information and take no further action;
•a request for financial support from Safe Communities Rainy River District;
•a request from hockey school proprietors David and Nolan Ross for an Ice For Kids ice time invoice to be reviewed;
•a letter from “Heart of the Continent” re: annual dues;
•a letter from the Rainy River District Festival Association re: donation request; and
•a letter from the Rainy River Future Development Corp. re: annual per capital funding request.