NOMA conference to return to Fort Frances in 2022

Ken Kellar

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt long after we’ve turned the page on 2020.
In her update at last week’s Town of Fort Frances council meeting, Councillor Wendy Brunetta shared that due to the restrictions in place around COVID-19 in the region, the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) has had to take stock of the remainder of its year.

“The NOMA conference which was scheduled to be held in Fort Frances at the end of April, was tentatively looking like we might be able to reschedule to the fall, but given that things are still in a bit of a holding pattern and along with all the planning, sponsors, etc. that have to be obtained prior to that conference, we’ve decided not to hold a conference in 2020,” Brunetta, who sits on the NOMA board, said.

“We will go to the normal rotation. The NOMA conference is held in Thunder Bay on odd years, so 2021 it will be in Thunder Bay, and in 2022 it will be back in Fort Frances. We’ve basically been bumped to the next rotation outside of Thunder Bay.”

The annual conference is generally held in late April in the host community. Brunetta said that following the return of the conference to Fort Frances in 2022, Thunder Bay will again play host in 2023 and Kenora will host the conference in 2024.

NOMA works to enact legislation that benefits communities in the region and takes action against matters that might impact the rights of northern communities like Fort Frances.

Brunetta also informed council that current NOMA president Wendy Landry will be making the move to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation board.

“This is good news for northern communities, as she has a lot of great insight into our northern communities,” Brunetta said.

The councillor also provided a few updates from the Fort Frances clinic board.

“I’d just like to remind everyone that if you do have an appointment and have to go to the clinic, they would appreciate it if you wear your own mask if you have one at home,” she said.

“Even a homemade one, because that will help them stretch their resources that they do have available at the clinic.”

The team at the clinic continues to do over the phone appointments.

Brunetta also provided an update on the state of the old library building’s parking lot.

“We’re happy to announce that the parking lot between the old library and the clinic has officially transferred over to the clinic from the town,” she said.

“A building committee has been struck and we’re proceeding to examine our next steps.”