No new fires reported on weekend


Recent warm weather continues to keep the forest fire hazard in the “moderate to high” range across most of the Northwest Region.
Fire personnel are reminding the public that safe burning guidelines for outdoor fires must be followed, as set out in the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario.
For example, no day burning of brush or grass is allowed.
As well, people who are using campfires must ensure they are attended at all times and put dead out before leaving the site.
Further information is available on safe outdoor fire management at
No new fires were reported over the weekend, with the only active fire in the region being Kenora Fire #36.
Significant progress was shown yesterday when infrared scanning came up “clean” while searching for hotspots.
The fire remains classified as “under control.”
Until it is “out,” Type Two FireRanger crews will continue mop up efforts on the blaze, which is located on an island 50 km south of Kenora.