Nater re-introduces bill to end youth exploitation

Press Release

Ottawa, ON – Today, John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth–Wellington, introduced Bill C-219 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sexual exploitation) in the House of Commons. The bill, originally introduced in the previous Parliament as Bill C-424, will better protect young people and Canadians living with disabilities from sexual exploitation.
“It has been two years since Canadians learned of a disturbing case in Stratford, Ontario where an individual who worked with children and people living with disabilities was found to have sexually exploited a person with a disability. Despite pleading guilty, the individual was sentenced to a mere fine and probation,” said MP Nater. “This is outrageous and cannot stand.”
This legislation will increase the sentences for sexually violating a young person or individual with a disability and ensure that the heinous nature of the crime is taken into account during sentencing.
“The Government has a moral obligation to ensure those who have been convicted of exploiting the vulnerable are behind bars where they belong,” said MP Nater. “Canada’s Conservatives will use our strengthened opposition in order to keep the predators who take advantage of children and the disabled off our streets.”