Museum to purchase stove, software

Duane Hicks

The Fort Frances Museum will be getting a couple of the items on its Christmas wish list, including a stove to enhance its programming and software to improve access to its collection.
Over the past year, the museum has received more than $4,600 in donations, and town council agreed Monday night to let the museum make non-budgeted capital purchases.
In a letter explaining the proposed uses of the stove, museum curator Sherry George noted it will be used for classroom activities for visiting school children.
For example, K-Grade 3 students will make butter while those in Grades 4-6 will make candles. Making simple biscuits and cookies are other possible uses.
George added she would like to try a summer camp, with medieval and pioneer themes. The stove will be used to cook lunch, like simple soups and breads (e.g., biscuits, oatcakes, etc.)
The stove also could be used to baking polymer clays to make historical items, such as jewellery, armbands, and throat guards.
And the stove will be helpful for fundraisers and exhibit openings, where food may be served, noted George, adding crock pots and toasters currently limit what can be prepared.
The stove will cost about $700-800, and be located in the kitchen on the top floor of the museum.
Meanwhile, the software will enable the museum to photograph, edit, and store digital copies of their collection to an electronic database.
This will reduce research time and assist in the development of local exhibits.
This software will cost about $1,500.
Community Services manager George Bell clarified the aforementioned donations are not those made in lieu of admission, but donations made by individuals and groups for the betterment of the museum.
In related news, Coun. Andrew Hallikas said he’s impressed with the museum.
“We’ve got a new curator, we’ve got ‘Friends of the Museum’ now, and we’ve got a very active board,” he noted.
“I’ve noticed donations are up, they’ve got a bigger schedule of events that they’re about to undertake and entertain, and I just want to pass my compliments over to the museum folks and say they’re doing a great job,” Coun. Hallikas added.
“Keep it up.”