Museum sites to see some repairs

Upon advice from both the local museum advisory committee and economic development advisory committee, there may be a brighter future for the three historic sites at Pither’s Point after council agreed Monday night to take their recommendations into consideration.
Not only will the “Hallett” see a new paint job and the Lookout Tower repairs to its roof, but the “Big Chair” will be rebuilt, according to a pair of similar reports from the two committees.
Museum curator Pam Hawley also suggested to council that if not enough funding can be secured to bring the Lookout Tower and Fort St. Pierre up to safety standards, the historic sites still should be maintained as monuments.
“Perhaps we could get appropriate signage to explain what the sites are. They would still be tourist attractions,” she noted.
But as to how people could be prevented from entering an unsafe Fort St. Pierre, for instance, is one of several questions that have to be addressed with the sites designation as “monuments.”
Other recommendations include that the renovations of the museum and historical sites be the first priority to senior government funding for the Community Services division, and that further consideration of the museum and sites be referred to the “Re-Inventing Fort Frances” feasibility study, which recently got the green light.
A topic of some discussion over the past few months, council wholeheartedly supported the recommendations brought forth.
Coun. Tibbs noted the three sites are featured in a video promoting the area, and to not have them here would give visitors that much less to see.
“We have to have something for the tourists to look at,” echoed Coun. Dave Bourgeault.