Museum looking to hire Dutch intern

Duane Hicks

The Fort Frances Museum could have a Dutch student working there later this year.
Town council agreed Monday night to a Community Services executive committee recommendation to allow the museum to offer an unpaid internship to foreign student Daan Strating after successful clearance from the Government of Canada-Immigration and Citizenship and a positive reference.
In a letter from museum curator Sherry George, she noted that as a result of the town’s most recent job posting for a museum intern, it was contacted by Strating, a foreign student from the Netherlands wishing to work in Canada.
While he is unqualified for the internship position, he is interested in working alongside the intern on upcoming projects, George noted.
“This would fulfil his final project requirements for his own degree,” she explained.
“The internship would run approximately 15 weeks.
“This would be a free internship,” George stressed. “I have made it clear that we cannot pay him, nor can we assist with the cost of travel or accommodations.
“[But] he feels that the experience itself is valuable and is willing to pay for it,” she added.
“There are requirements that he must meet to work, even if unpaid, in Canada and he is pursuing those.”
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•received notice from Tbaytel that the company wishes to install five or six signs on light posts around the Rainy Lake Square, advertising the fact the free WiFi service there is provided by Tbaytel and offering a technical support phone number to call;
•approved the write-off of 2011 POA accounts receivable in the amount of $36,333.48 for accounting purposes (this does not absolve a convicted offender from the requirement to pay a fine as debts to the Crown are owed in perpetuity and never forgiven);
•approved per diem claims for $160 each as submitted by Mayor Roy Avis and Couns. Ken Perry and Paul Ryan for their attendance at the Rainy River District Municipal Association annual general meeting held Jan. 13 in Fort Frances;
•approved travel expense and per diem claims, in the amount of $1,049.16, as submitted by Coun. June Caul for her attendance at the ROMA conference in Toronto from Jan. 21-23;
•approved a travel expense claim for Fort Frances CAO Doug Brown, in the amount of $210.06, for his travel and attendance at the ROMA conference;
•passed a bylaw to amend Bylaw 02/18, being a bylaw to provide for an interim tax levy in the year 2018 and to provide for penalty and interest to be charged on the unpaid balance for late payment of said interim taxes (the amendment is to change the second instalment date to March 29); and
•approved the allocation of the 2014, 2015, and 2017 land sales revenue as Contributions to Reserve Funds in the total amount of $289,850 for the Dec. 31, 2017 year-end.