‘Multi-use’ investigation may see answers soon

The results of an investigation by the OPP’s anti-rackets branch into the “multi-use” facility still under construction at Westfort here could be made public by the end of the month.
Det. Sgt. Costigan couldn’t reveal what he has found out after conducting a myriad of interviews and checking a slew of files on the “multi-use” project over the past year. But he did note he was “just about at the end.”
“I have a meeting with a Crown attorney later this week, depending on his schedule and mine,” he said yesterday morning from Thunder Bay.
“It’s been a slow process,” he admitted. “I’m doing the investigation by myself. And I have other more immediate cases that have taken precedence over this one.
“I’m devoting as much time to this one as I can, though,” he added.
Det. Sgt. Costigan was called in last December (1997) to see if any facts regarding the cost of the “multi-use” project were hidden from the public.
The investigation was prompted by an anonymous letter sent to the OPP.
Gord McBride, who chaired the Rainy River District School Board when the investigation first started, said the board has nothing to fear from anything Det. Sgt. Costigan may turn up.
“It hasn’t been a concern for myself or the board,” he noted.
“Since the investigation started, we have had faith in what the trustees have done,” he added. “There shouldn’t be a problem.”
If the investigation does find any instances of hidden costs, McBride said the board will “face it head on at that time.”