More Festival drama results

Drama Division
(April 10)
•CLASS D008 Choral Speaking, Grade 7–1. Fort Frances High School (A. Petsnick) (Honours) 2. Fort Frances High School (N. von Niebelschutz) (Honours)
•CLASS D802 Duet Poetry, Own Choice, Grade 7-8–1. Amy Norris and Hallee Nugent (First Class Honours)
•CLASS D508 Choral Speaking, Grade 5–1. St. Francis School (A. Gurski) (Honours)
•CLASS D602 Humorous Solo Poetry, Grade 6–1. Cohen Ossachuk (Honours)
•CLASS D809 Choral Bible Verse (Grade 6, 7 and 8)–1. Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (Honours)
•CLASS D816 Dramatic Presentation, Grade 6-8–1. Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (First Class Honours)
•CLASS D108 Choral Speaking, Grade 1–J.W. Walker School (K. Chown) (First Class Honours) 2. (tie) J.W. Walker (A. Hill) (Honours) and St. Michael’s School (H. Sieders) (Honours)
•CLASS D008 Choral Speaking, Grade JK/SK–St. Michael’s School (C. Hyatt)
•CLASS D208 Choral Speaking, Grade 2–1. J.W. Walker School (C. Bailey) (First Class Honours) 2. St. Michael’s School (C. Harris) (Honours)
•CLASS D912 Serious Monologue, Grade 8–1. Maya Davis (Honours)
•CLASS PSA 9124 Solo Reading, Canadian Prose, Grade 7-9–1. Morgan Beckett (Honours)
•CLASS D002 Solo Poetry, Humourous Poetry, Kindergarten–1. Maelle Easton (Honours)
•CLASS 101 Serious Solo Poetry, Grade 1–1. Petyon Sisco (Honours) 2. Ava Burns (Honours)
•CLASS D201 Serious Poetry, Grade 2–1. Cassandra Armstrong (Honours) 2. Ethan Brown (Honours)
•CLASS D402 Spoken Poetry, Grade 4–1. Cadance Sinclair (Honours) 2. Linkin Wrolstad (Honours)
•CLASS D301 Serious Poetry, Grade 3–1. Layne Gibson (First Class Honours)
•CLASS D501 Serious Poetry, Grade 5–1. Ryan Brown (First Class Honours)