More boys sought


Everything is all set for this year’s mini-king and mini-queen contest.
All that’s needed is more boys to participate.
“I’ve got six girls and one boy signed up,” organizer Melissa Gushulak noted this morning.
“We need at least two boys for it to run,” she said.
The contest, scheduled to take place Thursday at 1 p.m. under the big tent at the Sorting Gap Marina, is open to those aged four-seven (as of July 1).
Each child will be asked a few questions by Miss Teenage Rainy River District Alyssa Chiasson, with judges choosing the winners.
Gushulak initially only had enough sponsors to accept five girls and five boys.
But with some last-minute sponsorship funds coming in, she was able to increase the spots and take 10 girls and 10 boys.
There also was going to be a $5 registration fee, but that has been waived.
Anyone who has paid the fee will get their money back.
“Everything is all ready—I’ve got the banners, prizes, crowns,” Gushulak said.
“I’m just really hoping to get at least one more boy.”
She also can still accept four more girls.
The deadline to register has been extended until noon tomorrow (July 21).
Call Gushulak at 275-8526 to sign up your child.