Moffat Fund applications forwarded for approval

FORT FRANCES—Local applicants to the Moffat Family Fund should find out in the next month or so who will get how much of the $50,000 once again allotted to the town this year.
“The selection committee has pared all the applications down to the $50,000 limit and they forwarded the list to the Winnipeg Foundation, who gives final approval,” Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig said Thursday.
“When the approval is forthcoming, we’ll list the successful applicants,” he added.
McCaig noted the local committee forwarded nine applications to the Winnipeg Foundation.
A total of 23 organizations and individuals had filed their applications prior to the Feb. 16 deadline.
The local selection committee was comprised of McCaig, Mayor Roy Avis, Coun. Andrew Hallikas, Linda Hamilton, Salvation Army Capt. Angel Sandoval, and Marie Howells.
As previously reported, the town once again was allotted $50,000 to give to Fort Frances-based groups which benefit children, families, and the less advantaged.
This is the fifth year the town has received funding to do so.