Meeting planned on seniors’ issues

Press Release

A new local organization plans to hold a public meeting here tomorrow (April 4) at 7 p.m. at the Sister Kennedy Centre.
The purpose of the meeting, being organized by “Seniors, Retirees Against Pension and Elder Abuse,” will be to discuss concerns dealing with Abitibi pensions (now known as Resolute Forest Products Ltd.), including bankruptcy and receivership issues as well as government legislation meant to protect pensions and pension funds.
The group will be discussing the overall pension problems that exist and the troubling nature of what we thought were proper safeguards of our pension retirement funds.
Any and all interested seniors and retirees over age 55, regardless of what pension fund you are with, are invited to attend this meeting.
Many seniors on fixed incomes also have grave concerns dealing with the downloading of municipal taxes by the local mill onto community ratepayers. If granted, this will have long-term, serious implications on the future of Fort Frances and the fixed and limited incomes of many seniors in this community.
The third topic to be discussed tomorrow night is the negative impact of the Harper government’s changes to the Old Age Security eligibility, its negative effect on the poor, and the resulting effect on future generational benefits and its implication on society.
“In our opinion, it is clearly high stakes, government-endorsed elder abuse [on a] mass scale,” S.R.A.P.E.A. chairman Allan T. Bedard said in a press release.
“Our corporate CEOs and government representatives need to get the message [that] we will not tolerate this abuse from our elected officials or these corporate pirates,” he stressed.
“If you agree ‘enough is enough,’ and you are a senior or pensioner over age 55, we hope to see you at the meeting,” Bedard added.