Meat, cheese to be featured at farmers’ market

Come out to the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market this Saturday for Meat and Cheese Day and taste some of the meats being produced locally in Rainy River District.
Chef Bob Mathieson will be serving up some savoury selections starting at 10 a.m.
Kim Cornell and Pat Clysdale-Cornell of Cornell Farms will be providing Chef Bob with beef for his cooking demonstration, but you also can try samples of some of their many sausage varieties at their booth.
Sweet and hot Italian, beef bratwurst, and wild rice sausage are a few of the frozen sausage. Smoked meats include Hungarian salami, onion and garlic, sausage and all-beef pepperettes.
If you’re looking for nice, lean ground beef, try what Kim and Pat produce—you won’t be disappointed.
The Cornells presently farm about 550 head of beef cattle, including herds of purebred Red Angus and Herefords, at La Vallee, 15 km west of Fort Frances.
Patrolling 1,500 acres of farmland and moving cattle from pasture to pasture keeps Kim Cornell busy during the warm months of the year.
“We try to raise these cows as naturally as possible,” he noted.
“Naturally as possible” doesn’t just apply to treatment of the cows. It also refers to the method of rotating pasture to provide optimum growth of grass.
The Rainy River Elk Company also displays its farm products at the local farmers’ market. As the name implies, Bill Darby and Deb Cornell have raised elk since 1995, also near La Vallee.
Chef Bob will be cooking with elk meat for you to try, too. But at the Rainy River Elk Company booth, try some traditionally-made summer sausage or a bite of cooked sausage.
There’s a real variety of elk-related products to investigate here from meats to velvet antler capsules to luxurious elk hides.
As at any booth at the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market, don’t hesitate to ask questions. These are the farmers who produce the products you see—they can provide the answers to your questions.
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm of Thunder Bay has been represented at the market for three seasons by the Rainy River Elk Company. Jacob and Margaret Schep farm just south of Thunder Bay and produce about 20 flavours of delicious gouda cheese, using milk from their own dairy herd.
“These folks are champion cheese-makers and tell me that the secret is knowing how to feed the cows!” noted Deb Cornell.
Thunder Oak is Ontario’s only independent milk and cheese producing plant that makes cheese. You’ll be able to learn a few tips about using gouda while cooking from Chef Bob.
As well, look for samples at the Rainy River Elk Company booth.
The market hours are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. each Saturday. It is located on McIrvine Road, just north of Canadian Tire.