Mayor encouraged by new Moffat Fund applicants

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

The application process is well underway for the next batch of Moffat Family Fund hopefuls, and the mayor of Fort Frances says he’s encouraged by the turnout.

At the last full meeting of the Town of Fort Frances council on Monday, March 27, 2023, mayor Andrew Hallikas delivered a verbal update on some of the proceedings of the town. Hallikas apologized for the brevity of his update, owing to the fact he has recently undergone shoulder surgery, but one significant update he did discuss was the Moffat Family Fund. The applications for this year’s funding were open from January 16, 2023 until March 24, 2023.

“This is pretty exciting,” Hallikas began.

“The fund has received 16 applications for 2023 and we greatly appreciate and thank those organizations that have put the time and effort in to apply for a portion of this year’s grant. There’s also a few new organizations who applied, and this is really nice to see. The steering committee will meet to review and consider all applications and requests later this week.”

The applications for the funding go from the steering committee on to The Winnipeg Foundation, who will will then approve or deny the applications. Once approved, the town generally holds a ceremony during one of their regular council meetings to announce the successful applicants and distribute funds.

This year the Moffat Family Fund is providing $102,750 to community groups and organizations whose primary goal is to “support and advance the economic, social, physical and intellectual well-being of children and families, consistent with the vision and mission of the Moffat Family Fund.”

Recipients of funding in 2022 included KidSport Fort Frances, the Salvation Army, Fort Frances Community Garden and Kids Club and Fort Frances Kiwanis Club.

The mayor also provided an update in regards to ongoing emergency training and preparedness. According to the mayor, he and councillor/deputy mayor Mike Behan attended a required emergency management training session on March 17, along with members of the town’s senior administration.

“The municipality is required to train several times a year,” Hallikas said.

“This training was put on by bylaw officer and our emergency management coordinator Patrick Briere. Patrick did an excellent job of taking us through changes to the Town of Fort Frances Emergency Management Plan. As well, Mr. Briere has added a section to the emergency plan in the form of a flood response plan. The annual tabletop exercise for the emergency response group is scheduled for April 14 of this tear. Many thanks to our emergency management coordinator Patrick Briere for his dedication, expertise and commitment to all things Emergency Management.”