Marcus Powlowski – Liberal Party

Dr. Marcus Powlowski, 61, resides in Thunder Bay, where he was born and raised.

He is married to Mirasol Añora-Powlowski, and has six children.

Dr. Powlowski completed his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Toronto, where he also went on to earn a medical doctorate, as well as a law degree. He holds two additional Master’s Degrees in health law from Harvard and Georgetown University.

Before entering politics, Dr. Powlowski worked as an emergency physician at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre. Previously, he practiced in multiple northern First Nations communities and volunteered his medical services across the world, in Africa and the South Pacific. He also consulted for the W.H.O. on matters of health legislation. He has taught at Lakehead University and the University of San Francisco.

He is running for the Liberal party as he believes they are the only party that both advocates for the creation of jobs and a business friendly economic environment, while also advocating for a broad set of other progressive issues. He supports their action on issues ranging from climate change, to better daycare and greater measures to help families with the Canada Child Benefit, to ensuring equal opportunities for all Canadians irrespective of race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Dr. Powlowski sits on the Health Committee, where he has monitored the government’s response to the pandemic, and spoken up when he felt there was need for more action. The pandemic also highlighted the need for improving digital connectivity, which is why he was pleased to be involved with the expansion of broadband across rural regions, culminating in the federal-provincial partnership which will see high-speed internet brought to over 11 thousand rural households in Northwestern Ontario.

As the incumbent MP, he has invested time in learning the complex issues faced by the region. This includes the issue of American fisherman entering Canadian waters – which led to him successfully advocating for increased patrols by the RCMP. He has listened to local farmers’ issues, like the carbon tax, which led to a rebate being included in Budget 2021. He was also one of 20 Liberal MPs to vote in favour of Bill C-208, making it more affordable for the next generation to inherit their family’s farming business.

He pushed for more independence for FedNor, which is now better positioned to support our local industries. He has advocated for maintaining local institutions, leading to $1.9 million toward refurbishing the Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre, and his continued advocacy for the hard-impacted tourism industry in our region. He is looking forward to continuing to advocate for the interests of Northwestern Ontario.

As a project with a more national scope, Marcus has worked with veterans across Canada to grant refugee status to Afghan interpreters who bravely worked closely with our armed forces – a project which became realized this summer.