Man urging more cyclists to join trek

After raising more than $1,500 for cancer research while biking to Winnipeg and back last year as part of the Terry Fox Run, local resident Ed Katona is looking for others to join him in his charity trek this year, which he plans to do Sept. 15-17.
“I’d like to have some company,” said Katona, who’s rode in conjunction with the Terry Fox Run for the past four years. This year, he plans to go from here to Kenora and Dryden and then back.
“It’d be different. I usually do it alone and this way, it might be more enjoyable,” he added. “I took it up as a physical challenge. Maybe others would like to the same.
“It’s for a great cause.”
Katona said more than one cycling partner would be even better.
Since he exercises throughout the year, whether it’s running, cycling, or something else to keep him busy, Katona noted he’s once again up to the challenge.
“I am a little concerned about the distance between Kenora and Dryden, though. There’s been a number of fatalities on the highway this year,” he admitted.
“You have to be aware of the vehicles with trailers, the trucks, and so on.”
And while the venture is never easy (it wouldn’t be a challenge then, Katona quipped), the first stretch of the journey is always the toughest.
“Once you get used to the long distance riding, it’s easier,” he remarked.
“And in all the hundreds and hundreds of miles I’ve gone, I’ve never had a problem with traffic,” added Katona. “If you’re considerate of them, they’re considerate of you.”
Aside from being one who enjoys a good physical challenge, Katona noted there’s a personal side to the fundraiser as several members of his family have passed away from cancer.
“Terry Fox is a good cause,” he said. “I’ll continue to do this as long as I can.”
While Katona considered in-line skating for this year’s fundraiser trek, he noted biking remains a safer alternative.
“The highways rarely have paved shoulders,” he said, reiterating the dangers sometimes present in biking.
But concerns aside, he may give it a shot next year—in an escorted trip from here to Emo and back.
Anyone interested in accompanying Katona on the three-day ride can call the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau at 274-9555 or Katona at home (274-6714).
In related news, this year’s Terry Fox Run, once again being organized by the local volunteer bureau, is slated Sunday, Sept. 15.
It will begin with registration at 1 p.m. at the Fort Frances Muse-um. The run itself will get underway at 2 p.m., with the route going from the museum to Pither’s Point and back.
Pledge forms for the run are available now at the volunteer bureau (located in the old CN station on Fourth Street West) as well as various other locations around town.
Last year, more than 200 people raised $13,013.82 for the Terry Fox Foundation, which donates money for cancer research.
This year’s run is being dedicated to Celeste Beck, former owner of Celeste’s Hair Design for Men & Women here, who passed away from cancer in 1983.