LoW township planning millennium reunion

A “Millennium Reunion” slated to take place in Lake of the Woods township this summer is expected to attract a substantial crowd, organizers said last week.
Residents and former ones from the township, comprised of Morson and Bergland, as well as the unorganized areas of McCrosson-Tovell, Pratt, Sutherland, Spawn, Gameland, Arbor Vitae, Harris Hill, and McInnes Creek, are all invited to attend the celebration Aug. 4-7.
Sheila Gates, chair of the reunion committee, said registrations already have started to trickle in.
“We are hoping for 700 people to attend,” Gates, recreation director for Lake of the Woods township, said last week.
“We are hoping for an excellent crowd and I’m sure we’ll beat 700,” echoed committee member Joanne Moen.
With that attendance figure in mind, Gates said the wheels were turning to get activities and plans for social gatherings firmly in place.
“We’re planning ball games, a talent show, horseshoe tournaments, food booths, and a potluck supper,” she noted. “We might even have airplane rides out of Morson or Harris Hill so that people can fly over the place where they grew up.
“We’re also trying to get some boat rides set up at Morson so that people can take [a tour] down the river,” she added. “We’ve got all kinds of ideas. It’s just a matter of planning.”
Moen also noted the fish fry and craft show, held annually in Morson, was expected to be a reunion highlight.