Lots of entertainment still to come!

Tonight under the big tent at the Sorting Gap Marina, Winnipeg-based band “Caraballo” takes the stage.
A powerful musical force for well over 15 years, the immense versatility of their repertoire keeps them at the pinnacle of the industry.
They play everything from Bob Marley to dance hits—whatever it takes to move the audience.
They’ve performed at weddings, pool parties, office functions, conventions, and festivals of 10,000 people and they’re more than ready to play to the enthusiastic Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship crowds!
Their unique sound has been captured on recordings but the soul of the music can only be seen and experienced through their live performances.
Tomorrow night, for the grand finale, two local bands—“Poor Boys” and “Orpheus”—are hitting the stage under the big tent.
Orpheus took their name, meaning God of music, from Greek mythology. They formed in 1974 and performed throughout Rainy River district until 1978. The band started out playing local school dances at such venues as J.W. Walker, St. Mary’s, and Robert Moore.
Orpheus later took its act westward, where they often entertained at community socials in Pinewood and Stratton with multiple engagements at Westfort and Rainy River High School.
One of the band’s high points was playing the “greaser assembly” at old Fort High and then later playing for the school dance. The band also enjoyed playing at the Memorial Arena during roller skating events and at teen dances.
The band reunited in 2000 to perform at the high school reunion and get together for cameo performances on stage with other local groups.
Recently, Dan Lovisa (guitar) joined the band to fill in when Rob Murray can’t travel to Fort Frances to perform. Also joining the band is Cheryl Lovisa singing back-up vocals.
Original band members include Dale Gustafson (bass/guitar), Rob Murray (lead guitar), Dan Onichuk (lead singer), and Dave Lovisa (drums).
You throw four ordinary guys together on a stage, add some instruments, a few flashy effects, a dash of Cuervo, and an enthusiastic audience, and what do you get?
One extraordinary night with the “Poor Boys!”
The Boys (a.k.a. Todd Summer, Mike Lowes, Craig “Woody” Wood, and Dave Ashworth) might look like mere mortals off-stage, but on stage, they undergo a transformation worthy of Superman’s phone booth.
In short, they rock!
With a dynamic repertoire spanning several genres and 40 years (focusing mainly on the ’80s and ’90s), it’s not hard to see why this local cover band has developed a faithful following throughout Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota.
Ashworth and Summer formed the band in 1995, and it’s been through several incarnations in the past seven years, taking on an edgier sound in ’96 with the addition of Lowes on the drums and adding Woody to the final mix last year.
The Boys rock the house with a solid sound and three-part harmony that leaves the crowd begging for more.
The Poor Boys’ Web site (www.poorboys.ca) is good for a giggle, and stuffed with useful info on future shows, bios, and memories of shows past (a.k.a. blackmail pictures).
If you’re looking to book the Boys, you also can do that on the Web site. You’d better act quickly, though; they’re booked solid ‘til 2003.
“This is as far as we’re going, there’s no illusion of grandeur,” noted
They don’t dream of making it big, the Boys just want to have fun. And it definitely shows in their performance.
So, take a tip from a loyal fan. When you hear the lead in to the “Tequila song,” don’t try to keep up—just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.