Lock it or lose it

Property thefts continue to plague the entire Rainy River District. Simply locking up your property can prevent many thefts.
Avoid leaving articles in your vehicle that entice thieves. Items such as wallets, purses, phones, and portable audio equipment should never be left in a vehicle.
These are just some of the items, along with an unlocked vehicle, that can lead you to becoming a victim of property crime.
Thefts can happen anywhere and at all times of the day. It doesn’t take long for someone to open a door, grab the item they want, and be on their way.
Valuables should never be left in view.
Most of these thefts are crimes of opportunity. If your vehicle is locked and nothing of value left inside, your chances of becoming a victim will be reduced.
Over the winter, OPP officers have investigated numerous thefts from garages left open. Most of the thefts reported happened at night.
Take the time to secure your property. Close and lock garage doors and ensure exterior lights are operating properly.
Regardless of whether you are home or not, lock your doors. In January, a suspect walked into a residence while the homeowners were inside.
Property thefts are preventable. It starts with you.
Lock it or lose it!