Local fire crews heading to B.C.

Local MNR fire crews will be joining others from the province in British Columbia to help battle the almost 200 forest fires burning there.
MNR fire operations supervisor Marnie Brown said Thursday morning that one four-person crew, as well as one fire technician, will be heading west, with possibly three more four-person fire crews to follow Friday.
She noted the crews will undergo mobile values protection training, as well as learn how to set up sprinkler systems to properties possibly endangered by forest fires.
After the training is complete, Brown said they may be assigned to use that training wherever they may be needed.
Local fire operations supervisor Harrold Boven was deployed Tuesday as an agency representative and liaison. Brown noted he went to Prince George, B.C. initially, but may have since been re-deployed from there.
Brown mentioned the usual period for assignment for fire crews is 19 days. And more local firefighters may be deployed if there is demand for it, she added.
“But we’ll have to look at the fire situation here first, and make sure we cover our own needs before we send out any more crews,” Brown remarked, referring to the fact the fire hazard here may be “low” now but that could turn around at any time this summer.
The crews sent from here will be among the some 126 firefighters, fire behaviour experts, and emergency management personnel expected to be in British Columbia by the weekend.
Four CL-415 waterbombers also were deployed there Tuesday.
More than half the province is classified as in “high” to “extreme“ fire danger, with 187 wildfires burning Wednesdsay.