Local artist donates painting for tsunami relief

The recent earthquake and resulting tsunamis in South Asia has prompted an unprecedented amount of support and aid from around the world, and Fort Frances is no exception.
Local artist Wayne Yerxa has teamed up with Connie Cuthbertson, owner of Northwoods Gallery and Gifts here, to donate one of his works for a raffle, with proceeds going to tsunami relief.
“For every $10 somebody donates, they get one entry ticket, and at the end we’ll do a draw,” explained Cuthbertson.
Yerxa has donated a painting in three panels which depicts the journey of a wolf. The piece is done primarily in various shades of blue.
“It’s very spiritual and very beautiful,” noted Cuthbertson, who is an artist herself.
When Yerxa first walked into her store with the artwork, Cuthbertson said she thought he was bringing the piece to sell in her store.
She noted she had long hoped to carry his work at Northwoods, but could not persuade the shy artist to display his art.
“He hasn’t really shown his work for a long time. I haven’t seen anything for years,” she remarked.
Instead, Cuthbertson found he had brought the piece to sell, but told her to give whatever money she got for it to charity.
They began talking about what cause would be suitable and Yerxa mentioned the recent natural disaster in South Asia.
“He said he has been glued to the TV set the last few days, watching the news,” Cuthbertson recalled.
Of the many agencies working in the affected countries, Cuthbertson said she and Yerxa agreed the money should go to Doctors without Borders, which sends doctors and medical supplies to disaster areas.
Northwoods will donate the framing, with Cuthbertson saying the draw likely will take place sometime in February—possibly around Valentine’s Day.
“I think this will be an interesting way for people to get involved. We’re quite excited about that,” she said.
They’ve already raised $60, and are hoping to get more. “It would be nice if we could get at least $1,000 in donations,” Cuthbertson said.
Yerxa’s work will be on display at Northwoods beginning this week, and donations can be made there for the draw.