Lift – first hair removal service now in town

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Fort Frances residents no longer have to travel out of town to get hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Lift is a new business located on 306 Scott St., owned and managed by Kathy McKenzie, a longtime employee at La Verendrye General Hospital’s dialysis unit.

McKenzie will not be the only one working out of Lift. She said there are also five other women that have trained on the machine and are going to be offering services out of this clinic. One is a hairdresser esthetician and the other four are nurses.

McKenzie said she thinks skin care is very important, adding that she has always had a skin regime when she lived in Thunder Bay. But when she moved here, McKenzie did not find someone to offer the service.

“I started looking into it and talking to people,” McKenzie said. “I’ve always thought about going into business and running a business. And I think that this is just a unique opportunity for me. I’m really excited to be offering this in Fort Frances.”

McKenzie said she was thinking about this business for six months, but it was not until August that she made the commitment, started doing research and took the Botox and filler course. She then started talking to Fort Frances residents, who were all interested in hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

“Then that’s when I started looking at different machines and decided that this machine was the perfect fit for me,” McKenzie added.

The Dynamic Pulse Control machine (DPC) is the one McKenzie uses for her treatment. It is a proprietary light-based technology used for reduction of unwanted hair and skin rejuvenation, McKenzie said.

“It’s not a laser machine,” McKenzie said. “It’s one of the leading companies in Canada for aesthetics devices. It does hair removal, skin rejuvenation, it reduces freckles and hyperpigmentation, periorbital wrinkles, it’ll do fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and your eyes.”

It is virtually painless, McKenzie said, because it has a cool sapphire tip.

“When it goes on, it cools the skin, and then it does an intense pulse light which is actually called dynamic pulse control,” McKenzie explained. “It actually then goes into the skin, but it’s cool. So you don’t feel the heat and you don’t feel the burn.”

McKenzie said she might add to what she offers, depending on the feedback she gets.

“I can add to the machine handles because they’ll do different things,” McKenzie said. “I can buy an acne handle so that people that have really bad acne come in and actually it’ll treat the surface where the acne starts and it gets rid of the bacteria. After a few treatments, you don’t have to be on medication. There’s another one too that will do vascular lesions.”

With an open house attended by 12 people, McKenzie is over the moon with the positive feedback she received so far.

There is a Lift-branded pamphlet that includes all the prices depending on the service and the amount of sessions. McKenzie said it’s charged by the amount of surface area that she is treating, and how many pulses it uses.

“I have to replace the handles,” McKenzie said. “When the pulses are used up, I replace the handles, which are very expensive.”

Kathy McKenzie has opened Fort Frances’ first hair removal service, Lift. It offers a wide range of skin services, including hair removal, rejuvenation and Botox treatments. – Merna Emara photo

McKenzie said she is charging less than Thunder Bay locations because she wants people to be serviced with it. For example, one hair removal session for the underarms is $85, six sessions are for $460 and eight sessions are $580. Another one hair removal session for the full legs costs $275,  six sessions are for $1,485 and eight sessions are $1,870.

McKenzie added that she tried to keep the place gender neutral.

“I tried keeping it very plain, very clinic-like because I want men to feel comfortable coming here,” McKenzie said. “A lot of men want hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Some men even get Botox. So I want them to feel comfortable. And I didn’t want it to be like a beauty salon.”

There is a consultation with McKenzie prior to the treatment, and that is when she will go over the medical history, skin type and allergies.

“We go over the medical history, whether they’ve been exposed to the sun, medications they’re on and things that might contraindicate the treatment,” McKenzie said.“If you’ve been in the sun during a vacation in Cuba, I won’t give you treatment for four weeks. Your skin has to be ready. Some people may have to wait a week or two, depending on if they’ve had something done or had an anesthetic or surgery.”

McKenzie there are six different skin types with their variations, adding that she takes into account the ethinic background and programs of the machine to serve each individual need.