Library holds ‘Clifford’ party

Clifford the Big Red Dog is no spring pup.
He turned 40 years old this year and to celebrate the over-grown pooch, the Fort Frances Public Library has been featuring Clifford stories during its “Tales for Twos” program.
“The kids love it,” said staff member Evelyn Norris. “October was Clifford’s birthday but this is the 40th year for Clifford the Red Dog.”
Clifford the Big Red Dog is written by children’s author Norman Bridwell, who still writes stories at age 74.
Bridwell attributes the name of the big red dog to his wife, Norma, who told him calling the dog “Tiny” was boring. Apparently, Clifford was the name of her childhood imaginary friend.
Originally from Kokomo, Ind., Bridwell now lives in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
The enthusiasm for Clifford stories was in the faces of the youngsters gathered for the program yesterday morning. And they even got to enjoy birthday cupcakes to mark the occasion.
Alas, Clifford is on his way out. The library has been celebrating his birthday all month and soon will turn its attention to the next theme (you guessed it, Christmas).
Parties will begin in mid-December. Contact the library (274-9870) for more information.