Lake level adjusted

Press Release

The Water Levels Committee of the International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board has directed the operators of the international dam on the Rainy River at Fort Frances-International Falls to adjust the April water level target range for Rainy Lake.
The decision stems from input from various stakeholders received during the first week of March at a meeting in International Falls, Mn., as well as a review of current basin conditions and forecasts back on March 20.
The revised target range provides some additional capacity in the lake for early spring snowmelt and rainfall.
The revised range is the lowest 10 cm (four inches) of the rule curve band–a shift from the standard target of the middle portion of the rule curve band.
The standard mid-rule curve target remains in effect for the month of April for Namakan Lake.
The Water Levels Committee will continue to monitor the progress of the freshet.
It will make a determination on May water level targets for Rainy Lake and Namakan Lake in late April.