Lack of working smoke alarms a common trend in fire related death

By Tyler J. Moffitt,
Fire Chief - Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service

2022 was a troubling year for fire fatalities in Ontario! We had 133 fire-related deaths!

All of these fire deaths were tragic, but it was extremely upsetting and heart-breaking to learn … many of the victims were children—so many years of potential life lost!

Raising awareness, changing people’s attitudes, and collaborating on innovative ideas on the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home is something we all can do together. Ultimately, your family’s safety is your responsibility.

Fact: You may only have seconds to escape a house fire. A fire can engulf a home or cottage in six minutes or less. But smoke—which is the real killer—can engulf your home or cottage in two minutes or less! Smoke is quiet and deadly … it will cover you and your loved ones like a blanket.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret … WORKING SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES! Installing SMOKE ALARMS correctly—and making sure they are in working order—is an important step to making your home and family safer from fire.

As well, developing and practicing a well-rehearsed home escape plan with two ways out of each room is critical to your family’s survival.

Remember, if fire strikes and the blanket of smoke descends, you could be lost in your own home … the only light will be deadly—and coming your way!

Fire Safety … it starts with you!