Kraft mill down for maintenance

Steam is missing above the Abitibi-Consolidated kraft mill these days as it is shut down for three weeks for annual maintenance and repairs.
The paper mill is still up-and-running but some Abitibi employees have taken their holidays while the kraft mill is closed from July 9-26.
“We’re into our annual kraft mill maintenance shut down,” noted mill general manager Jim Gartshore. “The way kraft mills are maintained is your boiler inspection on the recovery boiler, checking for cracks and places that are wearing.
“We also empty all of our tanks and go look inside all of them, which takes a while because we have to put up scaffolding,” he added.
Some small improvements, such as tie-ins, also will be done in the kraft mill during the shutdown.
“We’re replacing the effluent line that’s caused us problems in the past,” said Gartshore. “It’s actually not that old but we’re replacing the whole thing.”
The kraft mill shutdown usually takes place in the spring but is being done later this year to coincide with a five-week shutdown at the Boise Cascade mill in International Falls for major improvements.