Kircher announces pending resignation from town council


Fort Frances Councillor David Kircher plans to tender his resignation from council today, in response to an Integrity Commissioner report regarding his conduct.

The report, presented to council Monday night, recommended sanctions against Kircher, including a formal reprimand, a 55-day cumulative suspension in pay, a request to publicly apologize to Councillor John McTaggart, and that the Town hire a workplace facilitator to work with Kircher and McTaggart, and perhaps also Council as a whole, with the goal of restoring mutual trust and respect amongst Council members.

Council voted to set aside the final sanction for the time being, but voted to approve the first three.

Before the vote, Kircher stated his disappointment in the report, and defended his actions.

“I strongly disagree with his findings and his recommendations. I am troubled that much of what I would like to say or be able to say publicly in my defence is confidential which ties my hands unfairly. I will take the necessary time to consider next steps, if any, including any potential legal steps,” he said.

The Integrity Commissioner report identified a number of violations, including the use of e-mail to conduct business which should be in open council, and making requests of staff which did not have the prior approval of the rest of council, and attempting to overturn a decision made by the Committee of Adjustments. The Commissioner felt Kircher’s most serious offense was what could be seen as “rude and inappropriate” interactions with the mayor and council, and McTaggart in particular.

A full article on the report and meeting will be in the Fort Frances Times, tomorrow.