Keep glass, plastic bags out of your ‘blue box’

In response to some recent cases of non-compliance, Public Works is reminding the public that plastic bags or glass items won’t be accepted for “blue box” pickup.
“We get people that come in from out of town and might be unfamiliar with the regulations, so we want to refresh everybody’s memory,” Environmental and Facilities superintendent Doug Herr said this morning,
If there is glass in a “blue box,” it will not be picked up, stressed Herr, adding there’s a glass recycling drop-off area on Wright Avenue behind the Public Works building.
As well, most liquor bottles now can be brought to The Beer Store for a deposit return.
And if there are plastic bags in “blue boxes,” they will not be picked up, either. Only shredded paper in clear, recyclable plastic bags is acceptable.
Herr noted these won’t be picked up because not only are some plastic bags not recyclable, but the town’s “blue box” pick-up operator doesn’t know what’s in them (i.e., they could contain garbage or some other non-recyclable material).
The public is reminded that Canada Safeway here has a drop-off bin for plastic bags.
Anyone with questions can call Public Works at 274-9893.