A four-year term is a significant commitment to make and it was one that I considered closely before filing my papers. The other factor to consider was what I could add to the conversation of moving the town forward.
I have a strong business background and I believe that will be an asset in moving the town forward. Through business and other life experiences I have developed strong team building skills. My involvement on community boards and committees gives me a unique perspective on many of the issues in our community.
We are at a crossroads as we transition from forestry to a mining community which is non-renewal. What do we do when the mine is no longer in business possibly 12 to 15 years out? We need to develop a solid plan for 2030 and beyond and everything that we do moving forward needs to drive us to that goal.
We need the necessary infrastructure in place to attract new business and the jobs that will come. We cannot afford to be complacent, there needs to be a sense of urgency in our actions!
The Shevlin wood yard in a real opportunity in the heart of our community. I see a combination of residential, commercial and recreational uses, but we need is a full and open community discussion as we only have one chance to get this right.
As our community ages we need to be vigilant that we are meeting the accessibility needs so that our seniors can fully participate in the community. The municipality does not belong in the assisted living business but I will work to bring assisted living to town
On the other end of the spectrum, we need to engage and inspire younger people to offer input and become involved in the community. We need to cultivate these younger individuals because they are the future leaders of our community.
I will work to find a way to bring the Point Park issue to a satisfactory conclusion. I am hopeful that we can find a way to a solution that works for all parties.
I believe that there are opportunities in reaching out to all area communities to work together. We have a unique and varied district and if we have a common goal we can we can accomplish so much more together. I will work to be sure that the Fort Frances is a full participant in the goal setting.
As a full-service town a sustainable future will be driven by continuing to build our tax base to maintain and expand our amenities. Sustainability is also dependent on always seeking value for every tax dollar spent. Our economic future and success for long-term viability depends on having a focused approach to attract new business and industry to our community.
We need to be open for business, open to new ideas, and ready to react quickly to capture opportunities. Nothing can be off the table.
Let’s be prepared to change because if we aren’t we are going backwards.