Highway work to start next week

Duane Hicks

This summer’s major road construction project here will get underway late next week.
Bay City Contractors Inc. will begin phase one of the project (from just east of York Avenue to Webster Avenue), which will involve re-routing traffic at Central Avenue to go down Fourth Street West instead of the four-laner, Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said during an open house last night.
This traffic will be able to get back onto King’s Highway at Wright Avenue.
Temporary signage will mark the way.
Because of the increased north/south traffic at Central Avenue, the timing of the traffic lights there may be adjusted to give motorists more time to cross, noted Brown.
Local traffic (i.e., residents who live on Third Street West between Central Avenue and Cornwall Avenue) still will be able to use the highway to access their homes, he added.
The work will include upgrades to the water, storm, and sanitary sewer systems, as well as reconstructing the road to get rid of wheel rutting.
The first phase of work is expected to be completed by mid-July, after which phase two will begin.
The second phase will
include work on the stretch of King’s Highway from Webster Avenue to just west of Wright Avenue (603 King’s Highway).
Temporary water services will be supplied to all residences and commercial establishments in the construction area.
Brown noted that during the road work, businesses such as Husky, Subway, Tim Hortons, and others in the affected area will continue to be accessible.
During the second phase of work, for instance, a temporary access to Tim Hortons will be set up off Elm Avenue.
All of the work should be done by Sept. 18.
One lift of asphalt will be laid down this year, with a second lift to be done next summer.
The other road project slated for this summer is work on Phair Avenue between Third and Fifth Street East.
Bay City Contracting also is doing this job.
This work, which also will entail replacing sewer and water infrastructure, as well as rebuilding the road and sidewalks, will start July 13.
The total price tag for the King’s Highway job and the Phair Avenue project is $6.3 million (incl. HST and the $250,000 contingency fee).
Earlier this year, the Town of Fort Frances received $2 million from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund to use towards road reconstruction, as well as upgrades to its water, storm, and sanitary sewer systems.