Have your say on the budget

Press Release

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is calling on Ontarians to have their say on the provincial budget released yesterday.
“We have been clear that in order for this provincial budget to be acceptable, it needs to work for every-day people,” said Horwath.
Horwath unveiled a website and toll-free number Ontarians can use to tell New Democrats what they like and don’t like about yesterday’s budget.
Ontarians can have their say online at www.ondpcaucus.com/yoursay/ or by calling at 1-855-ONT-BDGT (668-2348).
“This provincial budget will have real impacts on the lives of every-day Ontarians,” Horwath said. “That’s why it’s essential we ask them if this is the sort of budget that puts their interests first or if they want an election.
“We need to know if this is a budget that people can live with, and what kinds of changes they would need to see.”