‘Harmony’ volunteers needed

Heather Latter

The second-annual “Harmony of Nations” music festival is looking for volunteers to help out with the event.
“The big thing we need people for is set-up,” voiced volunteer co-ordinator Sarah Marusyk.
She noted since the festival is taking place under the big tent at the waterfront, the first order of business is getting the tent up.
“We found last year that set-up was a hard thing to get people to volunteer for,” she noted, citing she understands it’s difficult for people to help out during the week when many are working.
“But it would be great to get as many as we can,” she added.
Marusyk indicated set-up of the tent will begin Monday at 10 a.m.
“They take it out of the truck, they need to stitch it together basically,” she explained. “And they are hoping the tent will start to go up around 1 p.m.”
She said if anyone has a few hours to spare, the greatest need would be on Monday at 1 p.m.
“We need a lot of hands to get it up,” she stressed, noting high school students looking for volunteer hours are encouraged to step up.
Site set-up will continue Tuesday through Thursday, with fencing needing to go up, the stage to be built, and tables and chairs to be arranged.
“So it would be tremendous if people could stop by anytime on those days, too,” she added, citing there will be people on-site beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday.
And food will be provided on site for volunteers during set-up days.
Marusyk indicated even if people could volunteer a few hours of their time that would be appreciated.
“Just come on down and say you’re there to help,” she said.
Volunteers are also required during the two-day festival running next Friday and Saturday.
While some people have already signed up to help, more as needed for jobs such as ticketing, security, and site maintenance.
Those volunteering during the festival, will receive T-shirts and food vouchers.
Anyone wanting to help out during the event is asked to e-mail Marusyk at sarahmarusyk@gmail.com
Then finally, “Harmony of Nations” will be co-ordinating with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship the dismantling of the site and tent on July 27 following the tournament.
“It’s another thing that we have a hard time getting volunteers for—it’s over and no one wants to help take it down,” Marusyk mentioned, adding they will be providing a meal to volunteers that day, too.
“We know it’s asking a lot of people, especially during the summer with the nice weather, to take time to help us out, but we need help to make stuff like this happen,” she reasoned.