Hair Clinic

When an ordinarily blonde Linda Plumridge, office manager at the Fort Frances Times, walked in Thursday afternoon as a reddish-brunette, she certainly caught everyone’s eye.
But her dramatic change in hair colour only was meant to last over the weekend–and she was the first one to smile about that.
“The [dark] colour I had was very nice–on someone else–but I really wasn’t very comfortable with it,” Plumridge said yesterday, her hair now a textured shade of blonde.
“It was like being on parade,” she noted.
“I really like this colour. It’s maybe not quite as light as I would like it but at least I don’t walk by a mirror and go ‘ahhh!’” she added.
Plumridge, who’s been blonde for at least 20 years, willingly agreed to go with the darker shade as part of her participation in a “hands-on” workshop for local hairstylists Monday afternoon at the Red Dog Inn.
More than a dozen women were “models” for the workshop, which taught colour techniques for special effects and highlighting. It was hosted by professional hair consultant June Wells, from “Clairol Professional,” and “Obsco Beauty Supplies” dealer Ray Huddleston, both from Winnipeg.
Local hair salons on hand for the workshop included Prime Cuts, Jayne’s TLC, 202 Hair Classics, Keyjo’s Cuts and Colours, Sandy Hopkins, Tracy’s Hair Studio, and Celeste’s.
Wells, Clairol’s senior technical consultant for Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba and a senior consultant for western Canada, said the workshop offered hairstylists a chance to learn more about colouring techniques.
“There are different dimensions of hair colour, dramatic and subtle. [And] with the techniques of today, we are able to go to beauty salon and have those technique done,” noted Wells.
“It’s like an impressionist class,” she added. “And every hairdresser works like an impression artist. They want to create a masterpiece for every single client–to make them feel their very best.”
“I thought it was really great [and] I learned a lot of different techniques,” said Reneé Rousseau-Winik, owner of 202 Hair Classics here.
“June said this to us yesterday, ‘It’s very important for hairdressers that have been in business for years to go to classes like this because if you don’t, you get bored and you get stale,’” she added.
“June has the enthusiasm and knowledge to keep us going,” she noted.
“I thought [the workshop] was really well done,” echoed Paula Plichta, a hairstylist with Prime Cuts here. “June Wells has a ‘go get it’ attitude and is always on the upside.
“She has an enthusiasm that a lot of others don’t have,” Plichta added.
Tami Forbes of Blackhawk, also a “model” at the workshop, had wanted more dramatic highlights for her dark blonde hair. And though pleased with the results, she didn’t quite get the choice words she was looking for from her husband, Ron.
“I wanted him to say ‘WOW’! but he said he liked it, and that was better than him not liking it,” she chuckled. “And my kids thought it was cool.”