Gas cheap here


It’s no joke—Fort Frances has the lowest gas prices in Ontario.
A survey of gas pricing website shows the average price across the province is 95.7 cents per litre.
But here in town, gas is selling for 78.9 cents per litre.
A look around the region shows a broad range of prices.
Kenora’s average is 92.9 cents per litre while Dryden varies from 95.6-96.9 cents per litre.
Prices is Sioux Lookout range from 95.6-96.9 cents per litre.
In Thunder Bay, prices vary from 89.9-97.9 cents per litre.
Pump prices in the greater Sudbury area average 95.6 cents, with prices in the Toronto area ranging from 88.9-91.9 cents.
The most expensive gas in Ontario listed on the site is Chapleau, near Sudbury, at $1.15 per litre.