Final Kids & Co. concert goes tomorrow

Lions, tigers, and other exotic animals will take over the Townshend Theatre here Tuesday night as Kids & Co. presents “The Carnival of the Animals.”
The performance—complete with life-size puppets and vibrant backdrops—is being staged by “The Music Arsenal” starting at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets, which cost $12 each (with those three and under admitted free), will be available at the door.
This will be the final show of the season for Kids & Co., and organizers already are looking forward to next year.
“It’s a great line-up. It’s a really, really exciting line-up,” said Julie Cole, one of the event organizers.
Final arrangements on next season still are being made but the tentative schedule includes performances by singer Al Simmons, Faustworks, “The Red Balloon,” and “Winnie the Pooh” by Geordie Productions.
“A great variety, great winners coming back,” said Gaby Emond, also with Kids & Co.
“Al Simmons is coming back. People really loved him when he was here three years ago,” she said.
“Geordie did ‘A promise is a promise’ several years ago,” Emond added. “They do very popular old stories—treasured classics [such as ‘Winnie the Pooh’].
“A Scottish touring company is coming to Canada and we’re going to be first stop for it,” she continued. “They’ll perform ‘The Red Balloon.’
“It’s the story of a young boy who is lonely who gets involved with a balloon and it becomes his best friend. It is a very moving story for all of us adults and young alike.”
Emond also was excited about Faustworks, where a man who creates his own masks demonstrates to children how a mask and body language work together to create mood.
Passports for the 2002-03 season will be on sale after tomorrow night’s show. They cost $30 each, or three for $80, four for $100, and five for $115, with free admission for children under three.
Cole said the productions are aimed at providing the same level of entertainment patrons experienced this season.
“The past season was a very good season,” she said. “Our clientele was very happy with it.”