Farmers’ market opens for season

Press Release

The first Clover Valley Farmers’ Market of the 2010 season drew crowds with empty containers in hand ready to fill with fresh maple syrup just delivered from the St. Jacob’s area of Ontario.
Every spring, the local farmers’ market kick-starts its season with bulk maple syrup provided by Cornell Farms—and this year record quantities were poured.
Nothing beats the flavour of quality maple syrup over pancakes . . . or sweet potatoes . . . or in a salad dressing.
This coming Saturday at the farmers’ market will feature an extensive selection of locally-nurtured perennial plants, which are ready to go into the ground now since they can withstand cool weather.
Get the perennials planted now and there will be less work to do in late May when it is warm enough to finish off the garden with annual plants.
Four local greenhouses are participating at the farmers’ market this year, so shoppers may have a difficult choice deciding which local they will be supporting!
Lowey’s Greenhouses & Market Garden, under the leadership of Donna and Blair, are long-time vendors at the farmers’ market and provide a complete line of garden plants from annuals to trees.
Bill and Dinah McDowall, of Northwest Nursery, always have specialized in perennials and will have strong, over-wintered, climate-tested plants.
They always provide new and interesting varieties to try.
Meanwhile, David and Sara Loewen of Loewen’s Greenhouse have stunning hanging baskets and planters for those who prefer container gardening.
As well, the CVFM is pleased to have Mary Lois Eberly of Eberly Family Farm join the market family with a selection of bedding plants and preserves.
Among the bedding plants, there were some dark green, sturdy tomato plants last Saturday—just waiting to find a summer home in the sun.
One of the spring crops the market loves to offer to customers is just-picked asparagus. Occasionally someone drops in with a supply to sell and inevitably it vanishes within minutes.
So we need more! If you have asparagus you’d love to sell, drop into the market and ask for the manager.
You don’t have to rent a space—the market will be happy to sell asparagus for you.
The Clover Valley Farmers’ Market continues to have a growing consignment “store.” For a 20 percent fee, we are happy to market your local products in our “food store” area.
Again, just speak with the manager.
If you have questions about the market regarding vending or any of the products, contact Deb Cornell at 486-3409.