Falls is still the ‘Icebox’ of nation

International Falls is still the “Icebox of the Nation”—saying Fraser, Colo.’s newest “icebox” claim “stinks.”
The City of International Falls received, again, trademark status as “Icebox of the Nation.”
“I am pleased that the city has, once again, been awarded this important distinction,” said Mayor Shawn Mason. “This trademark has helped International Falls to market itself as the premier cold-weather testing facility in the [U.S.]”
City attorney Joe Boyle noted the city has been proudly using “Icebox of the Nation” since at least 1948, and sent its PeeWee hockey team to the national PeeWee tournament in Boston in 1955 proudly wearing “Icebox of the Nation” jackets.
The trademark affirms this by its “first use determination” of Jan. 1, 1955.
“We were surprised last year when we learned that Fraser was trying to get our trademark because we had a deal with them,” said International Falls city administrator Rod Otterness.
“The Town of Fraser conceded this trademark and signed it over to the City of International Falls 17 years ago for $2,000.”
Otterness noted Fraser can call itself the “Icebox of Colorado” without violating the International Falls’ trademark under the agreement.
“If you look at a map of the United States, Colorado kinds of looks like an old, small icebox,” he said.
“We are confident that Fraser, Colo. will begin to now honour and respect International Falls’ renewed trademark and again honour the agreement the two cities made in 1988,” said Mayor Mason.