Emo Health Centre evacuated

Press releas

Thursday morning, June 18, Riverside Health Care issued a Code Green Hospital Evacuation for Emo Health Centre. The Code Green was issued after a previous Code Grey resulting from failure of the Air-Conditioning System at the facility. Warm weather and the limitations of the backup Air-Conditioning system required issuance of a Code Green to ensure the safety of residents and staff.

Service provided in the basement of the Emo Health Centre is unaffected by the Code Green at this time.

Emo long-term care residents, along with staff, are being temporarily relocated to a vacant unit at Rainycrest Long Term Care Home, with its own entrance and dining area. Emo Health Centre will be operating separately from Rainycrest LTC within the Rainycrest facility, with both operations being separated by controlled door entrances. All COVID-19 precautions are being respected during this evacuation.

Engineers have been engaged to facilitate installation of a new Air-Conditioning system for the Emo Health Centre; delivery and installation may take up to eight weeks to complete. During this time, the Emo Health Centre will continue to operate out of Rainycrest LTC.

We ask for patience and understanding from residents, families and staff as we proceed with delivery of a rapid, coordinated evacuation plan.