Education Week activities set

Press Release

Schools throughout the Rainy River District School Board will be hosting special activities and events to celebrate Education Week from May 7-11.
This annual event, held by school boards across the province, is a time to showcase the great things happening in public education.
Education opens up a world of possibilities. Children come to school with hopes, aspirations, and dreams of achievement and success.
With the help of parents, community members, and school staff, students will stretch to reach new goals and expand their personal horizons.
“Education Week provides a special opportunity for the Rainy River District School Board to highlight the outstanding achievements of our students and to celebrate the amazing things our schools, parents, and community members do every day to support student success,” said Director of Education Heather Campbell.
“To fully appreciate these efforts, one only needs to spend time inside a classroom and see the excitement in students as they grasp a new concept or master a new skill.
“I thank all of our staff, trustees, and partners for helping our students work towards success,” she added.
Join us this year as students, staff, parents, and local communities celebrate teaching excellence and student achievement.
For a full list of activities and events, visit the “Board Events” section of the RRDSB’s website at