‘Dog walk’ total nearly doubles


Organizers of this year’s Lions Foundation of Canada Purina Walk for Dog Guides have deemed the eighth-annual event one of their best years yet.
“It went really well and everyone had a lot of fun,” enthused Gaby Hanzuk, a member of the Voyageur Lions Club, which hosted the event.
She noted a total of 11 fundraisers brought in $1,680, which was almost double from last year when seven participants raised $861.
“But we had some people who didn’t fundraise and just came to walk,” Hanzuk explained, noting 15 dogs participated, ranging in age from eight months to 14 years, with more than 20 walkers.
“We had families that came out, which was so nice to see,” she added, indicating there were walkers who have participated each year and some that were out for their first time.
Hanzuk said she was impressed by the fundraising efforts of all the participants, but especially Frances and Randy Kabatay, who were the top fundraisers with $578.71.
“They raised that in just three days,” she exclaimed. “So it can be done.
“Kudos to them,” she added. “They must have really pounded the pavement.”
In second place was Emily Jerry with a total of $196, followed by Ria McPherson bringing in $190.
Hanzuk said she thinks the weather and the new location may have added to this year’s success.
“Thank goodness the weather co-operated for once,” she remarked, recalling walkers battled with rainy, windy, and cool conditions the past few years.
Meanwhile, she said starting the walk at the Sorting Gap Marina was a positive change.
“We were away from the trains, which have caused us some problems in the past since there are so many trains now,” Hanzuk explained.
She said the marina also is more centrally-located within the community.
“We’ll certainly be having it there next year.”
Hanzuk thanked all those who participate in the walk, those who helped out with the organizing, and those who donated prizes, such as the Nor-West Animal Clinic.
“We are lucky to have all the support that we do,” she enthused.
The money raised will go toward the dog guide program, which trains dog guides that assist Canadians with a wide range of disabilities.
For more information, visit www.purinawalkfordogguides.com