Doctor recruited to practise here


Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. yesterday announced it officially has recruited a female physician, who will be setting up practice in Fort Frances in September, 2013.
She is a family physician, and also will work in the emergency department at La Verendrye Hospital.
“And it’s looking positive for other physicians to come here in the near future,” noted local physician recruiter Jackie Lampi-Hughes, who has been in the position for nearly a year.
“I feel I am making headway and that things are looking good on the horizon,” she enthused.
Lampi-Hughes said the recruitment process includes everything from visiting medical schools in Ontario to social media and word of mouth.
“If you can sell our area to one physician, even a locum coming in, than they tell others,” she reasoned, explaining a locum is a full-fledge doctor who is working elsewhere but comes here to help cover the emergency department.
“Any way we can make a good impression of our area is a good thing,” Lampi-Hughes stressed.
“We’re very happy that there are some positive things happening.”