Dentists urge province to help low-income kids

Press Release

The Ontario Dental Association has launched an awareness campaign to help Ontarians understand the dangerous funding gap in public dental care.
Dentists across the province currently treat about 200,000 kids under the “Healthy Smiles Ontario” program but more needs to be done to ensure all 500,000 eligible children and youths get the care they need.
Dental pain is the second-most common reason kids miss school.
Ontario’s dentists have been doing their part in helping kids from low-income families because no child should go to bed in pain.
Ontario’s dentists have a long history of providing care to vulnerable members of their communities and even created dental programs for people on social assistance.
Ever since the province took over the administration of dental care for at-risk groups, funding for these programs hasn’t changed to keep up with demand.
For more than a decade, the ODA has asked the Ontario government to find real, long-term solutions that ensure children from low-income families get quality dental care in their communities.
Ontario’s kids have an urgent need-now’s the time for the province to step up and address its chronic underfunding of the “Healthy Smiles Ontario” program.
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