Deal on re-start reached

Press Release

Resolute Fort Frances Division and CEP Locals 92 and 306 reached an agreement yesterday for manning the #7 paper machine here for eight-12 weeks starting July 17.
Resolute had laid off almost 240 staff and unionized employees in Fort Frances due to the curtailment of the kraft mill and one paper machine back on Feb. 14.
“We are pleased to see over 40 CEP members in Fort Frances get recalled for up to two or three months when #7 paper machine re-starts in mid-July,” said CEP national rep Stephen Boon.
“But some serious concerns arose due to the temporary nature of this recall,” he noted.
“Resolute required the manning to run #7 machine but many of our laid-off members have also found part-time and full-time alternate employment since February while waiting to see how the Fort Frances operations might be repositioned over the next year,” Bone explained.
Bone said the union could not agree to force a laid-off member to quit a new job to come back to the mill for temporary work.
As such, through ongoing discussions with Resolute, both CEP locals have negotiated a recall protocol for manning the #7 paper machine that confirms all provisions of the contract apply for this re-start.
“But it also ensures the recall option for our laid-off members is voluntary and does not negatively impact their seniority, future recall rights, or severance entitlements,” said Boon.