Deadline next week for ‘foundation’ proposals

Although no proposals have been submitted yet as to what to do with $33,000 from the Moffat Family, local individuals, service clubs, and charities still have until June 12 to offer their ideas.
“With a week to go, it’s not unusual,” said Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach. “I certainly understand that these groups have their own schedules for meetings.
“So, hopefully, we’ve given them enough time,” he added.
The written proposals should come with a dollar amount and an explanation as to why the recently-formed Fort Frances Community Foundation should support it, said Naturkach, noting they could include multiple suggested benefactors.
“The sub-committee will then take a look at them and decide what to do. A recommendation from there will be subject to council’s direction,” he added.
After this, the application will be forwarded for approval from the Moffat Family and then the Winnipeg Foundation.
The Winnipeg Foundation must have an answer from the town by July 8.
The sub-committee consists of Naturkach, Shelley Shute of the local District Social Services Administrative Board, Capt. Eric Alcock of the Fort Frances Salvation Army, Coun. Sharon Tibbs, Linda Hamilton of the “Community Chest,” and Mayor Glenn Witherspoon.
The money earmarked for the town comes from the Winnipeg Foundation, which is responsible for the Moffat Family Fund.
Last year, the Randy Moffat family donated $100 million to the Foundation to help families, children, and the less advantaged in 12 communities where the former Moffat Communications did business, including Fort Frances.
The town will receive such funding year after year.