CUPE Local 65 honours retirees

More than 130 people showed up Saturday night to honour four CUPE Local 65 retirees at its annual retirement dinner/dance at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall here.
“I retired at the right time,” laughed David Craven, who left his job as a truck driver for the Town of Fort Frances on June 30 after 43 years
Theone “Nonie” Ryan, who retired last Dec. 19 after 27 years as a health care aide at Rainycrest Home for the Aged here, said she’s been keeping busy playing cards, visiting with her friends, and spending time with her grandchildren.
“I think it’s nice to honour the retirees . . . we’ve worked a long time,” Ryan smiled.
The other two retirees honoured Saturday were Dan Furyk, who will retire Dec. 31 after 18 years with Public Works for the Town of Fort Frances, and Sharon Angus, who has worked for the past 16 years for the local public school board.
“I’m glad so many people turned up,” noted CUPE Local 65 treasurer Teri Lynn Wreggitt, noting the four retirees represented almost 100 years of service altogether.
After dinner, Craven, Ryan, and Furyk were presented framed certificates by Richard McKinnon, representing NDP leader and local MPP Howard Hampton, and Florence Buffington, CUPE Local 65 secretary representing local MP Bob Nault.
Lisa Angus accepted the certificate on her mother’s behalf, who could not attend the dinner.
Brian O’Keefe, secretary/treasurer of CUPE’s Ontario Division, was the keynote speaker, who addressed the crowd after the certificates had been presented.
“It’s a very important event for [CUPE Local 65] . . . who are facing some major issues like government cutbacks,” he said.
“CUPE is fighting the government on a number of fronts,” O’Keefe added. “We’re facing a possible strike in the hospital sector, and we have a major confrontation in the education sector.
“I’m up here to address all this. We have to build solidarity,” he stressed.