Crozier hall to be burnt down

Last year’s proposal by the Alberton town council to rescue the municipality’s community hall are about to go up in smoke.
The Crozier community hall is going to be used as a practice ground for the Alberton fire department and burnt to the ground.
After months of debate last year between residents and council about whether to repair their community hall or build a new hall with a Heritage Fund grant from the Provincial government, the topic will come to final close as the old hall is destroyed sometime this fall.
“The fire department will be using it as a practice burn now,” noted Alberton’s new municipal clerk, Dawn Hayes.
“They’ll be doing that and then the debris will be torn down,” she explained. “They have permission from the Ontario fire marshal now.”
Throughout last year, the hall had been a hot topic in Alberton as residents and council members alike argued over the building’s future.
Parts of the new hall were deteriorating including the flooring, foundation and heating.
Few groups were using the building and many residents argued investing in the existing hall or a new one would be a waste of money.
Others, including current Alberton Reeve John Milling, had hoped to revive the community by providing a new facility there.
During last November’s municipal election the question was put to the people with a referendum and residents voted against building a new community hall and council has issued a request for tenders after deciding to build a new ice rink with the Heritage Fund grant.
The “Millennium Skating Rink” project is expected to begin by Sept. 1 and will include the new open-ice surface, relocation of a rink shack and alterations to a water storage lagoon.
No date has been confirmed for the blaze at the old hall but it is expected to take place this fall.