Crime Prevention Week focusing on technology

the OPP

With Crime Prevention Week now underway (Nov. 6-12), the OPP recognizes the need to utilize technology in its delivery of innovative crime prevention strategies to help engage communities in the prevention of crime.
Public awareness and education initiatives, such as the OPP Crime Prevention Section’s multi-media and interactive Internet site, along with the strategic use of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, are excellent examples of innovation and technology tools the OPP uses to assist in crime prevention.
The OPP also provides a variety of school-based and community-based programs designed to provide awareness and prevention tips for safe cyber experiences for children.
With more than 94 percent of children accessing the Internet at home, technology and innovation are paramount to effectively addressing current Internet issues for kids such as netiquette, cyber-bullying, security, privacy, risqué texting, and gaming.
Internet Exploitation & Threats Prevention is one of a number of important objectives carried out by the OPP’s Youth Issues Unit.
As such, the OPP recently teamed up with the Ontario Physical Health and Education Association (OPHEA) to launch Connect[ED]: Real Life Online, an important new program that educates students, teachers, and parents about Internet safety.
Through innovation and technology, by educating communities, and being proactive in the reduction of crime, the OPP remains dedicated to eliminating the opportunity for crime in support of the OPP’s vision of “Safe Communities–A Secure Ontario.”