Councillor hears feedback on proposed single-use plastics ban


More public input has been gathered regarding the proposed single-use plastic ban bylaw that was proposed to council during Monday evening’s meeting.

Coun. Douglas Judson, who authored the bylaw, said he received feedback from individuals who stressed the need for people with disabilities to have access to plastic straws.

“I believe there is a fairly straightforward amendment through the addition of one sentence that could accommodate that and I will bring that forward to planning and development based on feedback from those residents,” he noted.

Another issue that arose through consultations with the public and businesses was clarifying what constitutes a reusable bag.

The definition of a reusable bag in the draft bylaw is drawn from legislation in Nova Scotia where there is currently a single-use plastics ban.

“It’s crafted very broadly so that a wide range of alternatives can be used,” Coun. Judson explained.

The definition is a bag with handles that is intended to transport items purchased or received by a customer, is designed and manufactured to be durable and capable of many uses, and can be washed or disinfected.

It’s also important to note that the bylaw is only concerned with certain products distributed at the point of sale to transport goods or hold prepared food.

Retail businesses can continue to sell bulk plastic bags such as garbage bags or plastic cups.

If passed, the bylaw will go into effect in Jan. 2021, which gives businesses enough time to exhaust existing supplies of single-use plastic items.

The purpose of the bylaw is to modify town residents’ behaviour to be more eco-friendly amidst growing concerns around climate change.