Council launches code of conduct investigation into fellow councillor


Town council has directed staff to request an investigation by the Integrity commissioner, around a possible municipal code of conduct violation by Coun David Kircher.

The directive came as a resolution after the in camera portion of last week’s council meeting.

According to Mayor Andrew Hallikas, the request will come back as a verbal report.

‘There will be no judgement. It will be asking for an opinion,” he said.

Kircher protested the in-camera debate, stating that he did not learn until that morning that the item was about himself.

“It wasn’t until this morning when I asked for clarification if that was a councillor conduct matter. You advised that it was, and that it was me. Had I not done that, you had no intention of letting me know that this would be in camera, so I had no idea of knowing what it was going to be about, how to defend myself. I have no information. So I do insist, if you want to judge my conduct, that it be in open session,” he said.

However, Hallikas had obtained a written advice from the integrity commissioner to conduct the discussion portion in camera, and the vote in public.

Kircher declined to go into camera to discuss the item.

“I will not go in camera at this meeting to review this matter,” he said. “Let the record show that.”

Kircher departed the meeting, and did not return for the public portion. After their return from in camera, the remaining members of council voted unanimously to “direct administration to submit to the Integrity Commissioner a request for inquiry on the Code of Conduct of Coun David Kircher for possible code of conduct violations.”