Condo project faces two week delay

The evolving state of the River Walk condominium project is apparent to anyone walking down Front Street.
Walls and floors are popping up every week, but developers are still working on issues of the completion date and unsold units as the building takes shape.
“They had the fourth floor on the last time I went by and they are putting the fourth floor walls up shortly,” town CAO Bill Naturkach enthused this morning. “It will give a real nice impression on the skyline of Fort Frances.”
While construction is progressing, there have been concerns over whether the complex will be finished in time.
“We are a bit behind in terms of construction completion,” Naturkach explained.
He said that flooding conditions as well as rain throughout the summer have delayed the construction by approximately two weeks.
Earlier they had anticipated being able to make up time once the weather got better, but so far that hasn’t been the case.
“Labourers and skilled crafts people are being kept busy,” he said, adding that repairs from the flood have created a slight labour shortage.
Sticking to the Dec. 1 completion date has always been key to the Fort Frances Non-Profit Housing Inc., the group behind the project, because they realize buyers must negotiate selling homes and moving possessions into their new condo.
“The contractor has asked for a Dec. 15 completion date in place of the Dec. 1 date and we’re trying to meet that,” Naturkach said.
With only approximately 20 of 32-units pre-sold marketing is also a focus for the board of directors. A meeting is slated for Sept. 11 to discuss construction and marketing plans with the head of Penn-Co Construction Corp.
Naturkach hopes that a display suite will be completed in the next few weeks so that prospective buyers can see first-hand what the condo will be like.
in the meantime, buyers are working out their individual suite plans, and everyone seems excited about the complex.
“We’re thrilled that the La Verendrye Parkway development is continuing as well,” Naturkach added. “It will make this the perfect location.”